Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we manufacture and market industrial & commercial products for original equipment and aftermarket applications on heavy-duty trucks; construction, mining and agricultural equipment; marine, industrial and utility engines; boats, ATV’s and Industrial Utility Vehicles.

Our products will:

* Start your engine with safe, reliable air-powered systems.
* Clean your engine intake air before it reaches the filter.
* Keep your engine running clean with premium-quality hydraulic fluid filtration.
* Protect your engine & the environment with the most efficient, compact U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arresting mufflers available.
* Help you heat and cool your heavy-duty vehicle, bus and boat.
* Lift, turn & position your mechanical components with our unique self-contained hydraulic actuators, power units and miniature hydraulic pumps.

Quality products at a fair price…Maradyne is the right choice for your application!

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