Perma-Cool® was started in the early 1970’s to help off road racers survive the heat of desert competition. Today, over 25 years later, Perma-Cool® oil coolers are used by the best racing teams worldwide. The knowledge gained from our extensive motor sports involvement continues to play a vital role in the development of all Perma-Cool® products.

There is more to Perma-Cool® than automotive oil coolers. We offer electric and mechanical cooling fans and components, fan clutches, oil and fuel filtering systems, oil filter adapters, remote filter brackets and more. Perma-Cool® has products for everything from ATVs to earth-movers, from electric vehicles to Indy cars.

Our Automotive Division offers the most versatile multi-application product line in the industry. You’ll see it in our extensive user friendly application guide. Agricultural, industrial, automotive, and marine manufacturers as well as state, federal, and international government agencies rely on our Industrial Division for the design and production of their cooling system and fluid filtration products.

Perma-Cool® continues to set the pace as the industry leader both in high quality and advanced design. Our CAD/CAM based Engineering Department, tool & die shop, and CNC production line help maintain our leadership in production capacity and quality control. Our stringent quality control specifications exceed both government and industry standards.

Wholesalers, retailers, and consumers worldwide who demand innovative, high quality products insist on Perma-Cool®.


In an ordinary oil cooler, the oil flows straight through tubing without interruption. The oil nearest the wall of the tubing becomes “cool” and sluggish, while the oil near the center remains “hot” and thin. The cooler outer layer of oil serves as an insulation for the inner hotter oil and the thin, freely flowing oil at the center passes through the coil without the full advantage of heat exchange with the tubing. Simply stated, ordinary coolers are designed to get in their own way.

Perma-Cool® coolers incorporate the patented Turbulator™ fins to “mix” the hotter and cooler oil with oversize tubing to insure ample oil flow. The result is a design that takes full advantage of heat exchange with the coil and prevents stalling of the oil flow while providing more of a temperature drop. This difference is important and it’s only available from Perma-Cool®.

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